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ActiveX GUI Components for Developers
Create instant custom user interfaces for HMI, process control, instrumentation, application development, multimedia, and browser applications.

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Worldwide Productions Inc. is now a Wonderware, WonderTools Third Party Partner.

Together with our X-CELERATED Interface Controls, you can now quickly develop highly graphical HMI, and GUI control systems.


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Real-Time, ActiveX, GUI Control System Components




ActiveX components for developers.
The X-CELERATED Interface Controls
suite of ActiveX plug-ins give developers
the power to create highly detailed GUI
quickly and effectively.

Gauges, meters, graphs, buttons, switches, and LED's can be linked
to real world objects and monitored from the desktop. Adjustments to the interface

        controls trigger corresponding results from the real world objects. Custom
programming enables reliable performance and scalability to your application.

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